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John 3:16


Limerick Christian Centre believes in supporting missions around the world who are the hands and feet of Jesus, reaching out to the lost, broken, and in need. The Bible tells us that the love, mercy, and truth of Jesus must be shared with every tribe and nation. Therefore, it is our pleasure and true blessing to help those who have answered His call to go and love people by sharing His Word. 

We are so blessed to currently support two overseas mission groups in Africa and Asia and we are led by the Spirit in how to support and love these works of the Lord.

If you would like to get involved or support,

please contact us, or click on the link.

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Ty Cariad - Africa

Ty Cariad Africa is a mission based in Uganda who provides poverty relief and help for sickness, whilst also providing schooling and education to orphans and the vulnerable. Ty Cariad supports other organisations and partners who utilise local professionals who work with and support the people of their own nation. Limerick Christian Centre is blessed to support the work of Ty Cariad Africa who we pray for and watch the Lord bless in many ways.


Esther House - Cambodia

Esther House is a safe house for young girls who have been rescued from difficult and dangerous situations. This is a home where the girls are provided with security, schooling, healthcare, love, and most importantly, Jesus. Currently Esther House has around 16 girls in house and cares for many more within the outreach program. This is a house where girls can grow, learn, and stay for as long as required. Limerick Christian Centre is blessed to support Esther House through prayer, financial support and love.

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